“To Honor Those Who Serve”

Will you help support the police & Military Museum of Dunedin to honor those who serve by purchasing a “Challenge Coin”…?

The CHALLENGE COINS are serially numbered and will be used as a “membership card” to show when entering the museum. A registry has been created to match the members name with the serial number of the coin issued. The membership is only $35.00 per year.
A Campaign to recruit new members to the Dunedin Police &Military Museum (The National Armed Services & Law Enforcement Memorial Museum) and resource development to take care of repairs, building improvements, and to enable us to keep the museum open to honor those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces or Law Enforcement, (Federal, State, and Local) by educating future generations about the sacrifices made by those who serve and the “cost of freedom”.

Using a coordinated marketing effort called “OPERATION CHALLENGE” to promote the museum throughout the Tampa Bay Area by challenging individuals, businesses, and organizations to become annual supporting members ( $35.00 per year ) or one-time donations. ( $250 or larger…? ) with purchase of a challenge coin.

Challenge coins have been used by “SPECIAL OPS” forces to prove affiliation to the unit or organization issuing the challenge. Today many organizations use them for member identity and to show respect to the issuing organization.

Typically when a coin is exhibited by a member, it is to challenge another person. If the challenge can not produce a similar coin, he or she must perform some task, such as purchasing a meal, a beverage, or in our case, a possible membership in our museum…