During the past 20 years of operation NASLEMM (National Armed Services & Law Enforcement Memorial Museum, Inc.) has been fortunate to have many volunteers serve as docents for the museum, of whom the majority had either military service or law enforcement service or both.

Some of the longtime volunteer I wish to thank include:

Bill Snyder  
Bill Harting
Jerry Plount
Mike Callanan
Michael Eversole
Terry DeMots
Jay Archer
Dottie Harrill
Nancy McKinney
Dave Nisson
Pete DeToy
Gene Grasso
Tom Minyard
Taryn Cao
Dave & Irene DeBoer
Emmett McCabe
Ron Retterer
Margaret Bockhorst
Bobby & Nancy Ayers

Current Board Members
Timothy Shepherd, President
Henry L. Dicus, Secretary/Treas
Robert Carr, Living history Coordinator
Bill Douglas Executive Director/ Curator 

Thanks also to Bill & Debbie Boeggeman
For our website

The museum is grateful for the hundreds of members, donors, visitors, and organizations who
have supported us along the way. Our mission was accomplished by all who participated in any way while we were in operation.
One of our mottos displayed in the museum was All Gave Some, Some Gave All And that can be applied to everyone who gave us support during the last 20 years.
If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to help cover some of the costs of
relocating the assets Please Contact:
Mailing address NASLEMM, P.O. Box 1585, Dunedin, FL 34697  or phone 727-734-0700