“Description Of Our Challenge Coin”

The challenge coin we have designed and adopted contains verbiage and symbols that apply to both the military, law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS and all first responders.

The military side includes emblems representing the five branches of service as well as the POW-MIA emblem. in the center of the military coin is the military “Battle Cross” which is often seen in combat theaters depicting the battle rifle with bayonet, helmet, and boots. The grouping depicts that a soldier has made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

There is also verbiage on the face of the military coin stating that .

Around the perimeter of the military coin is the verbiage stating“To Honer Those Who Serve.”

Along the bottom perimeter is our website: “WWW.PoliceMilitaryMuseum.org”

The other side of the coin contains emblems representing badges of law enforcement, “Federal, State, County, and Local” as well as the Dept of Corrections, and Fire/EMS.

On the face of the coin is the phrase: “To Serve and Protect”

On the upper perimeter of the coin is the verbiage: “Proud Member * Dunedin Police Military Museum”

And on the bottom perimeter is verbiage “I Met The Challenge”

The coins are serially Numbered and will be used as a “membership card” to show when entering the museum. A registry has been created to match the member’s name with the serial number of each coin issued