Joining TheNational Armed Services & Law Enforcement Memorial Museum
Why join the National Armed Services & Law Enforcement Memorial Museum?

The soldier doesn’t participate in the political decision to go to war, and the law enforcement officer doesn’t write the laws. However, either will lay his or her life on the line to enforce our society’s wishes honorably, dutifully, and often under the most trying circumstances.

We believe we are the only combined military and police museum in the United States.

Joining NASLEMM will show your support for the sacrifices made by those who serve. As a member, you receive free admission to the museum, a 10% discount on purchases from the gift shop.

By keeping the torch passed from generation to generation, we can assure that the terrible price of freedom, bought by the blood of those who have gone before, will not have been in vain, and will never be forgotten.

Our Funding:

100% of our funding comes from public donations and memberships. We are a National organization with members from all over the United States. We use no professional fund-raising organizations and 100% of donations and funds received go to our museum and its programs. We are registered with the State of Florida (#SC 10561) as a non-profit corporation and we are an IRS 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Contributions to such organizations are generally tax-deductible to the donor.