Old Sparky FL Electric Chair

Our law enforcement exhibits include artifacts from Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies as well as the Department of Corrections. Included are whiskey stills from the Florida Dept. of Alcohol and Tobacco. We have an exact replica of Florida’s electric chair, “old sparky.”.

The exhibit includes the history of capital punishment in Florida, and specifically the history and use of the electric chair.

As a non-profit organization, we are prohibited from endorsing or opposing political candidates
or legislative issues. Our mission is to educate those who enter the museum.
Opponents of the death penalty in general, and specifically the electric chair, may appreciate
this exhibit differently than those in favor of capital punishment.

Both sides, however, will be able to see and study first hand the artifacts and in-depth historical
articles regarding Florida’s controversial “old sparky.”



artifact display room

Visitors to the Dunedin Police and Military Museum will find 3 display areas comprising over 4000 square feet of artifacts.
From Admiral Yamamoto’s navy fleet battle flag to the unusual knife pistols, cane guns, Gyrojet rocket pistols, and more, the visitor will see an amazing array of educational exhibits.



Model 1862 Gatling Gun, Shooting Reproduction

Invented by a doctor in North Carolina, the Model 1862 Gatling gun was the very first version of this famous gun which saw limited use during the war between the states. Later models were used by the Rough Riders in the Spanish America War and many were exported to other countries, such as South America.
See the gallery photo page for additional exhibits of military arms and artifacts ranging from the Revolutionary war to present day.